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Zucchini pie

I hadn’t remembered that i’d planted it, but a zucchini plant shot up from nowhere about a month ago and has been producing the most marvellous fruit:

It’s currently producing about one or two a week, which is just perfect. The amazing thing is how fast they grow: the other day I had to pick one that had grown to a couple of kilograms. I made it into a yummy pie by cutting it into cubes & frying it with some onion, eggplant, tinned toms and spices before baking it (with sliced eggplant on top.) Super easy, even I can do it!

I went along to the National folk festival the other day and Tiffany Eckhardt (a fantastic artist singer/songwriter, if you haven’t heard of her) was telling the audience she grows her own veggies and at this time of year she usually has a glut of zucchinis. A friend of her recommended a chocolate zucchini cake receipe, which apparently tastes amazing (but sounds a bit gross.) She wrote a song about it too. Looks like I may have to try that receipe next…


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